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Online reservationsUse a simple reservation system which makes everything easier

More than 50 % of all reservations are done online, up to 20 % are made outside of opening hours. This is why we have created an electronic reservation book that helps you avoid missing out on reservations and saves you time.

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With Restu, table reservation has become fully automated, especially since it has been integrated into our website and social media sites.

Restaurant Trattoria Toscana

Guest bookKnow your guests better and turn them into regular customers

When your guests know you care about them, they will visit your restaurant more often. With our handy online guest book, you will have all the information together. It’s perfect for a personal approach.

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We really like Restu because it's an easy-to-use, straightforward system. Compared to larger competitors, support is more up-to-date and flexible in developing and serving individual needs.

Restaurant Kiosk Budapest

Restu profileMake yourself known and find new customers

Be seen online. Every day thousands of people in the Hungary use Restu as a restaurant guide. Entice them with your profile to find new guests. Simply share your current menu and upload some high-quality photographs.

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We have been using Restu since the opening of our restaurant and it's easy and fast to work with. One of the most user-friendly booking systems on the market.

Restaurant Bistro Fine & Minute Lounge bar

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